Our Field


Santa Cruz, Bolivia is the economic center of the country. It is a growing and vibrant city that still retains the small town spirit. People are very friendly and it is easy to establish connections with them.

For several years now, the Iglesia Bautista Vida Nueva, has been a lighthouse for the Gospel in Santa Cruz. This church is run entirely by native leaders. It has two services every Sunday morning averaging 150 to 200 people on each.

The Vida Nueva Christian School is a ministry of Iglesia Bautista Vida Nueva. It offers all levels of education from Kindergarten to 12th grade. It has an open enrollment and about 60% of the student body does not come from a Christian home. Also, about 25% of teachers are not Bible-believing Christians. According to Pastor Andres Velasquez, who is also Principal of the school, it is very difficult to find Christian teachers to fill all the vacancies so they have to hire teachers, who although respectful of the school's philosophy, are not born-again Christians.

Vida Nueva Christian School is a wonderful mission field. This is the third year we will visit this school. We would like to contribute to the Great Commission by sharing the Gospel not only with student but also with teachers and staff. We have seen many students come to Christ already. At the same time, we are helping them in conforming the school to the principles and methods of traditional Christian education.

There is also a great need for missionary teachers. The school is willing to provide housing and meals, Spanish language training, and a stipend to those who would like to spend at least a year teaching English or teaching subjects in English.

Join our team and come to Bolivia to see what the Lord is doing there! You will be challenged and blessed by the experience.


Santiago, the capital of Chile, is probably the most prosperous city in Latin America and certainly one of the most beautiful. Chileans enjoy a high standard of living and education and about 30% of the population identify themselves as non-Roman Catholic Christians.

This will be our third year going to Santiago. We have been working with Alfarero Christian School and Nueva Nazaret Christian School. These are schools who have a tremendous ministry with children in high social risk.

Alfarero Christian School is an elementary-middle school, that was started by missionaries from the Gospel Mission of South America but it is now run by Chilean believers. The school receives full subsidy from the government so they are able to offer free private education to high risk children. It is a wonderful place to minister. Our team has been blessed with opportunities to impact the lives of these children, to point them to the Savior, and to help them cope and overcome their difficult family situations.

Nueva Nazaret Christian School, is owned and run by an independent fundamental baptist Chilean family. They offer K-12 education and in addition, students who qualify, can get the equivalent of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate. The government is constantly trying to interfere with Christian schools and Nueva Jerusalen has been firm and faithful during difficult times. Most of the children come from difficult backgrounds and we have the opportunity to lead them to Christ and to be a source of comfort and encouragement to them.

Join our team soon. You will love Santiago and the people from Chile!